Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

at work last night:

Pattie: so.. remember the older gentleman with the walker that was having rebate issues that was in here the other day?
Aubrey: oh, Ron... something or rather?
Pattie: yup. he came in again the next day and was just.. loitering... in front of my register while Rick checked on something for him. just.. staring.
Aubrey: hee hee, oh?
Pattie: it was SO uncomfortable. after a long time, he said "so... is Audrey working today?"
Aubrey: yes, it seems he has a crush on me.
Pattie: then he said "i'm in love with Audrey, you know..." and started asking me all these questions, like if you were married and if you liked older men.
Aubrey: ha ha, oh?
Pattie: and then he really wanted me to tell "Audrey" that he was in love with her, wanted me to reaaaallly express that he is IN LOVE with you.
Aubrey: nice.
*store manager rick walks up*
Rick: who is this?
Pattie: the elderly gentleman that you helped with a rebate a day or two ago.
Rick: ha ha, you should go for it, he obviously has money, and he CAN'T have more than 10 more years in him!
Yancey: yeah, totally! maybe he'll let you use his car!
Pattie: and what's ten years?
Aubrey: ha ha, no thanks.

when he had come in the day before the 'I'M IN LOVE WITH HER' incident, he waited patiently until i had come into work, clocked in, did a delivery order for someone, and got situated, and then would have nothing to do with ANYONE else other than me, Audrey. he wanted help with laser printers, which i know enough about, but was not nearly expert enough to even begin to answer the questions he had (inkjet printers, on the other hand, i can babble about until i'm blue in the face and beyond.), which was frustrating. he sucked up almost an hour of my time, as management was tapping their toe, trying to get me counted into a register. frustrating not necessarily because.. well.. there were several people there that were more adept at answering his questions than i was, and i hate feeling stupid as i have to ask questions repeatedly over the radios.

something tells me that i should think the whole thing is creepy, but i guess i just don't have the energy in me to do so. i think i may have mentioned him months ago as the one of the only two guys that had asked me out in over a year: a 70 or older man, and a guy that was OBVIOUSLY off his rocker, twitching as he looked at legal forms. "hi. will you go out with me? can i have your number?" "um.. we just met, no."

i need to kick start my romantical life a bit, methinks. doesn't help when there is entirely too much going on in my life to even consider anything SERIOUS. there's things that i need to take care of on many levels before i consider something like THAT. wouldn't be fair to either of us, i suppose.

but first, i really need to finish this article. today is the last day. so far, so much of it is filler. ROCK!

only thing i can remember dreaming last night was something about a bird vomiting on someone's shoulder. it was a weird sleeping night, too, as i would wake up a lot, in different odd positions, like on my back with both hands tucked under my neck.

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