Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

why the hell not?

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

How long have you known donaesthesaint?
about 3 and a half years, give or take. well, in person, at least. we were lj friends long before that.
How will operatic die?
i'm getting a reading that it has something to do with fish and a coathook.
blue_kamehame: ninja, pirate, monkey, or robot?
hrm. methinks she's a ninja, matey. she has stealthy skills like that.
Can caramelcraving raise the dead to perform common household tasks?
only dead muffin tins.
thx712517: pansy, or wuss?
neither! mightiest of the mighty!
Of roosterrider, je_reviens, and eternitywaiting, which one is most similar to anar_anar?
eternitywaiting, i say, because of the fact that i met them both through the same person :)

plus, knowing all of them like i do, i really think she IS the closest in similarities...
How many siblings does scene_stealer have?
urm... i think this is still under CIA classification.
What do you most envy about enigmakitten?
i so want to be an enigma. i'm pretty easy to read. actually, i lie. i'm about as easy to read as wallpaper, i show THAT much emotion.
Do you envy inspectorjury's job?
and HOW. i envy his job AND his photoshop skills. he is THE RAWK.
What would sugarblind do with half a million dollars (U.S.)?
i'm sure travel would be included in there somewhere!

This is by heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

a bit drunker than i feel i should be. SO in the mood for a cuddle buddy. and water. lots of water. and a cuddle buddy. seems the Hideaway is FAR better for sunday night karaoke than mojo's. holy COW, they have every song EVAR, including stuff by:

the murmurs
marvelous 3
our lady peace
white stripes
stroke 9 (like four songs!)

crap. i'm too sleepy to remember others. but boy, howdee, jessie, when i remember, i shall SO tell you. cuz i know YOU will care.

i will so miss pattie when she goes back to basic training.

i'm excited because i'm wearing a bra i haven't fit in in YEARS. i call it my 'disco bra' because it's shiny. i have a dress that matches it. ha ha. i need to really invest in new underwear. weight change is effecting it. it maaaay be a nice thing to not have underwear i can pull up to my nose and house a small family of four in.

i may wake up tomorrow and delete this. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!


now my kinky neck and i shall go to bed to innocently slumber.

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