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dinking around on my my space out of boredom. maybe i'll start updating that more, so that i don't post tooooooooooooo much here, for when i have those really inane posts that i feel massively compelled to post, though i know that no one gives a hoot. i had also gone through and added everyone to my reading list, though i lost track somewhere. it says that i only have 52 of my 61 friends, and i'm ENTIRELY too lazy to figure it out. so if i'm not your reader, lemme know. and feel free to add me so that i don't feel pathetic ;)

hee hee, andrea's playing Puffy AmiYumi. cracks me up.

is it true that DaDa was moved to tomorrow night? i'm thinking i may not be able to go, if that's true.

one more freaking day of work. this stretch of work week has made me SO burned out on all that is officemax. i go in every day with a HORRIBLE attitude. thankfully, though, i love ALL of my coworkers, so by the time i leave, i'm in a giggly, giddy mood again.

funny how that works.

am DYING to make mixed cds for people, like pattie, dj, daniel. i so need to find my cd burning installation disc so that i can get that taken care of. that's the biggest downfall of reformatting your harddrive: having to reinstall everything again. bah.

i also hate the horrid feeling i feel at andrea leaving. i mean, i totally understand and support her reasons for moving, but she's been the best freaking roommate in HISTORY. we haven't fought ONCE in the almost two years we've lived together, a luxury that i'm sure that i won't experience the entire time of living with jessie. well, since jess is my BROTHER and all, he is about the only person on EARTH (other than the 'rents) to witness the few times i've completely lost my temper, thusly, i think it may accidentally make him exempt from my apathetic happy-go-lucky side. i so hope that this isn't true. at least this time, if we get huffy with each other, we have opposite corners to go to, since the apartment is a good size, unlike when we were sharing a studio apartment. i guess that i just am sad that i didn't treasure her as a roommate more when it was going ON, instead of when it has clicked that she was LEAVING. and massive upheaval change. gah, it sort of freaks me out. funny that i so hate monotony, but fear change.

yes, i keep saying that. i still think it's odd.

and i'm pimping out my communities, too, since i haven't done that in awhile...

dreamers_online - for dreams and interpretations..
paste_and_plato - for all that is Jellyfish (Sturmer, Dover, Falkner, Grays, etc.)
nickel_creek - for fellow creeksters. my pride and joy and the only community i ever made that amounted to anything!
you_so_want_me - for promoting whatever the hell you want. yourself. your community. your book. your music.
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