Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so andrea got me into the swimming pool! it only took her almost a year and a half to do so. i generally don't like swimming for a few different reasons, the biggest being my stupid self conscious self having to have my two WORST features on my body completely nekkid: my thighs and my arms. because of the fact that neither of these usually get sun, when i DO pop out in public showing them off (read: never), they glow in the sunshine. seriously. i was stretching in the pool, the sun came out from behind a cloud, and i had to jerk my leg away from my face because my eyes started watering from the glare.

this used to not always be so. from about age 6 or 7 to about 13 or 14, i was a water baby. i LOVED swimming. i could swim underwater for forever, dive like mad, etc. for some reason though, when i hit puberty, all of a sudden i started to become overwhelmed with a massive PANIC if my face was covered with water. (or more accurately, if water covers my eyes...) i don't know why this is. i never had any near drowning incidences. it's even the same when i wash my face... i have to wash around my eyes, and rinse around my eyes. if i try to do the completely splashing the face thing, it's all i can do to not flail my arms around, shrieking until i find a towel.


overall, i had fun, though i felt bad because i whined the entire time. i'm cold. the sun is bright. i feel like i'm burning. i need to pee. my shoulder hurts. i got water in my ear.

i had forgotten how miserable i am to be around when i'm doing something out of doors sometimes. not always miserable, i don't freak out when having to walk long distances in the heat, for example, or when i'm freeeeezing at night. (though i may remark once or twice about the fact.) ha ha, swimming today reminded me of my teenager self, when i did nothing but CONSTANTLY complain, and had boyfriends leave me because of the fact.

i so wouldn't repeat my teenage hood for the WORLD.

i keep meaning to make a post as to the many reasons why i feel i'm an emotionally stunted human being. i'm certain you are all a-quiver with antici.......................pation.

but no time for it today. must leave for work soon.


pee ess... i had also forgotten how much i desperately WANT TO SLEEP after swimming. but i must leave for work in 15 minutes. *downs her cold coffee*

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