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so as it's andrea's possible final night staying here, i told her that we should recall our favorite moments as roommates:

- my favorite was when we were snowed in two januaries ago. for several days, we had virtually no contact with the outside world, and it was her, i, and a biiiig box of cheap wine. we played everquest until 2 in the morning and made wine slushies with the snow outside. unfortunately, we spilled quite a bit of wine on the front lawn, causing it to look like we were slaughtering small mammals by the full moon the next morning.

- getting into giggling fits one night, i was laughing so hard that i couldn't speak, but i REALLY wanted a drink of the water she had in a glass between her legs. it only caused me to laugh harder when i saw the look on her face as she thought i was pointing at her crotch and yelling "HEE HEE HEEEE!"

- the three of us sitting in the living room (joel included in the three) and bacci straddling my guitar neck in an odd fashion. appauled, i yelled "Bacci, get your capo out of my butt!" um, scratch that. reverse. thnks.

- building a fort with blankets covering the kitchen table and chairs, and sticking pillows, a comforter, and a purple lava lamp underneath.

- the moment i realized that the emergency medical field may NOT be that great of a field for me, as i couldn't react - at ALL - when andrea chopped her fingertip off with a rotary cutter.

we laughed our asses off tonight as we went to get dinner, and neither of us could talk. we eventually said that we were inside cleaning all afternoon, at which point, joel asked if we didn't have enough ventillation. andrea called the cat "buttcheek" instead of Bacci, efore i said that i really wanted a avacado bacon berkin. (i am frum sveeeeden, yah?)

there are others, but i can't think of them at the moment. it was an excellent year and a half, andrea. i couldn't have EVER asked for a better match in a roommate.

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