Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

seriously. what is UP with my internet? it worked FINE until we removed the router and hooked my computer directly up to the modem. now it constantly cuts out after five minutes, until i unplug and replug in the modem, at which point i have internet for another five minutes until it stops, and i have to unhook my computer... repeat ad nauseum. we hooked joel's laptop directly up to it, no problem. we reran the internet wizard thingie and made some switches, but it hasn't improved any. maybe there's something wrong with the cord itself? (joel used a different one for his laptop) though that wouldn't overly make sense, either, as it worked fine when it was hooked up to the router.


seems like i may be by myself tonight. this sort of scares me in a silly way. hell, i lived by myself for YEARS with no roommate, why would a night or two spook me? i may be coming home after dark to MY OWN APARTMENT. well, for a day or two, anyway.

i'm craving beer. or rum.

found silly stuff in my room that i have (obviously) hung onto for years. i should scan them in. just as soon as i get around to getting the stupid drivers for my 1315 back on my 'puter.

looked for any reason to call into work today. yes, yes, my back is still KILLING me, but i don't think that i should allow myself to call in to work because of it, as i had three (count 'em: THREE) days in a row off, and all i did was sit and piss and moan about back pain. i had 3 chances to go to the free clinic, and i didn't. 3 days to walk to the chiropractor by the mall, but i didn't. so why should i be able to whine and miss work? besides, i can't afford it, anyway. and it's not like i can overly help with andrea and joel's move, anyway. it hurts to lift anything over 5 lbs, which is a hit to the ego: i LOVE being a strong female, and thusly love doing Big Buff things like moving furniture and boxes and stuff. and i think that i would feel better simpering at work than sitting here, playing final fantasy x and grinning and waving at everyone as they load up the u-haul. besides, i get to work with pattie, who will most likely be leaving for the army in less than a month. i will miss her. and as much as i want to pretend that WE'LL BE FRIENDS TO THE EENNNNND!, i know that logically, we'll probably never hear from each other after she leaves, as both of us are HORRIBLE at correspondence. i mean, you have seen how well i do at journal responses, just think SNAIL MAIL. schyeah. and because we're so much alike, she's just as bad.

so it breaks my heart that she is leaving. i've been around the friendship block enough times to recognize the end of a relationship when i see one.

the TRUE question of the day is: to karaoke tomorrow, or to not karaoke? and if TO karaoke, how to get there? and do i really want to go, and should i even try to afford it?

in the meantime, i SO need a shower.

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