Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ended up staying home last night... well, staying home after going with brosely over to mom's to pick up his computer and a few other things. watched Spun... talk about your odd movies. i think i would have enjoyed it more, had i not been BEYOND tired. everyone is in that movie, by the way.

yay for days off.

we were talking about superhero names last night, and jess stated that someone had given him the superhero name No Equilibrium Boy, as he is constantly running into things and accidentally walking sideways to catch his balance.

knowing what you know of me, what superhero name would you give me? or how about supervillain?!? mwa ha haaa.... i'm EXTREMELY interested in hearing your answers. well, reading them, anyway. i think i might be a tad frightened if my font started TALKING to me. or even better, singing to me like my life is a great musical. (it secretly is, you know.)

in the schedule for today... cleaning, organizing, etc. FUN. let's see if i can keep my internet running for a bit at least. i've been reading your posts, but haven't been able to comment, as generally when i try, my connection dies. we'll see how it goes hooked up to jess's modem instead of our old one.

and p.s., i've been saying a little Spice Prayer for all of you in the path of Katrina. I'm sending you mental umbrellas to keep you dry.

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