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holy moly, i almost died just now.

i'm eating my southwestern omeletty mess i made myself with the last of the food in the house, when a hot pepper flake goes down the wrong tube. i begin gagging as the hotness sears into my airtube, gasping for breath, flailing in the air, unable to breathe or swallow, or do anything that would help. i am finally able to drink some coffee to try to help, tears streaming down my face as i plead with the Powers that Be that i do not vomit the last bite onto my keyboard.

the entire time that i'm ALMOST DYING*, bacci is sound asleep on the back of my chair. some help SHE is in a crisis. reminds me of that stand up comedian i saw that said that if he dies, when they are wheeling him out on the gourney, that his cat will be SO apathetic about his death, as to be pawing and attacking the toe tag as they push him out the door.

why am i listening to whitesnake? i keep going to change it to something else, but keep spacing it. oh, yes, i remember. because they're next on the alphabetical list after White Stripes.

wow, my near death experience caused my nose to run something fierce.

my goal today is to drink coffee all day. so far, i am succeeding in this**.

trying not to stress or freak OUT over all of my friends that live on the coast down south. i spose i could turn on the news, but you all know how i feel about the news***.

I LOVE THE WEATHER. this is what i moved up to washington state for, boy howdee. overcast. WINDY. *LLLLoooovVVVVE*

I SAW MY FIRST FALL LEAVES YESTERDAY! omg, my favoritest season of ALL is coming upon us! pardon me while i twirl in glee!

haven't decided yet if i want to bring my guitar to DaDa or not. who all is going? who all is performing? will there be poi dancers again? i like the poi. spose i should play the guitar whether or not i'm playing this weekend. i hate falling out of practice. i do miss having a car that i can scream my head off in along to music, methinks that my voice gets weaker and weaker as time goes by for lack of doing this.

part of me wants to stay a recluse today, part of me wants to go on a grand field trip. maybe i shall make it to the grocery store.

i DO need to go into the kitchen... you see, i relearned a valuable lesson today: do NOT violently shake the creamer bottle before checking to see if the lid is on or not. i managed to leave that adventure unscathed. the ceiling, however, wasn't as lucky.

back is feeling better now that i'm sleeping on the floor again. thanks for asking.


* true events may be slightly exaggerated
** i'm not climbing the walls because i made sure it wasn't TOO strong.
*** i HATE the media. all overplayed and such. am afraid that they'll make things seem much worse than they really are. those of you that are in katrina's path, please let me know what's REALLY going on, unkay? if you're still alive, that is.

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