Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

LOOOOOOOOOOOVELY day, so far. (i so wish that they had a font to type in whenever i am oooooozing with sarcasm.)

i wake up and hear voices downstairs, so i think that maybe it's the maintenance man to fix our kitchen light (finally). come downstairs, nope. still no light.

i go to make coffee.... and can't for the life of me find any. andrea said that she had left me a pound of coffee, so i hadn't gotten any yesterday while i was at the store. she certainly couldn't have meant the almost empty pound of coffee that had enough for two small very weak pots, could she? apparantly, she could. (unless it's hiding somewhere....) i'm not overly angry or anything; afterall, she bought the coffee. i just wish i would have picked up some more at winco yesterday, possible impending visit to safeway or no (where they have good coffee dirt cheap until the end of september).

my allergies are going BONKERS. i want to walk up to the store to get coffee, but cannot find my keys, and i do NOT want to leave the house empty and unlockd for that long. after finally finding them, i throw a headkerchief on and a coat and shoes, and trudge up to the store in my pajamas, sniffling and sneezing, and trying to keep from scratching my eyes out, they itch so bad.

i get up to the texaco, buy two large coffees (i do drink a lot), and head home. my allergies begin to clear up, and all is slowly becoming right with the world again.

i walk in the front door, and instantly start sneezing up a storm again. i fumble for my allergie pills, as i notice i still do not have internet on my computer. fine, i think. i'll just hook it up with the ethernet cable again to the modem, like it was last night before we tried networking it. i fumble behind my computer and reset everything up, even rebooting. nothing.



so i'll sit at my brother's computer and sulk about my lovely less than one hour out of bed, then get me some final fantasy x on. the chocobos DO need saved from the chocobo eater, afterall. i've been putting it off entirely too long.

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