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my goal for the next hour: to down as much of that pot of coffee as possible before heading out to work.

my goal for the next two hours: leave by shortly after 8 so that i can actually make it to work on time for once.

my goal for the next 8 hours: stay the hell awake and turn on that massively fantastic customer service attitude and smile i know i have (customers love me.)

my goal for the evening: possible power nap followed by throwing everything out of my closet in hopes to find something decent for DaDa.

my goal for the nighttime: entertain scrumbles and oh_flounder and guest while getting my drink on. possibly finding a flirt buddy tonight. i really need to remember how to flirt. maybe they have classes for that. should i find a tutor?

my goal for the next twenty four hours: do not wake up with a hangover for work tomorrow. sleep optional, but preferred.

egads, i work day shifts for the next three days! what are they DOING to me?

last night found brosely and i down at value village where i found the two things i've been OBSESSING over needing ever since faetal moved out: a spatula and a cheese grater. jess and i found matching fushia soccer uniforms. (he's #14, i'm #16. mine had a sewing machine accident, apparently. i just say that they stream lined it to show off the curvage of my boobage. neveryoumind that the accident happened closer to my collar bone.) stanieldaniel brought us a fabulous gift last night afterwards: an EIGHTY PIECE KITCHEN SET from target. holy freaking moly, it has EVERYTHING. seriously. a pizza pan and cutter. sauce pans. glasses. plates. silverware (and drawer holder). spaghetti thingie. storage bins. measuring cups and a colander. a scrubby brush. a cutting board, knives, AND knife block.

freaking rock. i almost cried. i've never been able to handle gifts (or compliments) graciously. maybe there's a class for that, too.

as i'm sitting here and can't figure out where i put my freaking coffee cup. eventually, after a frantic search, i realized that it's sitting in my lap.

so, yeah, i've said repeatedly that i've dropped 30 lbs. none of those have been in the last month, as i've been stuck at approximately 195ish for 30 days, give or take. no problem. my body needs time to adjust, anyway. it's weird, the little things that make you notice that you HAVE dropped a couple of pounds or so. i mean, i don't FEEL different, other than more human (i would like to say that my waddling went away), but .. well, i can sit in my desk chair cross-legged, something i've never been able to do before. (and since i've always been.. well, i've got BACK.. it's where i carry all my weight: in my arse and thighs, so this is a big accomplishment for me.) also, in doing a furniture pull of a 6 foot shelving unit one day at work, i was carrying it up, pseudo balanced on my hip as i usually do. however, now there's a BONE that it balances on - painfully - instead of a layer of fat.

also played a fun game of Hand Me Downs yesterday: i inherited a buncha pants from my brother. usually, the hand me downs work the other way. woot. i even FINALLY got a new pair of work pants from him, so i don't have to fork out $20 i don't have, and my pants won't be so baggy that my crotch will lie half way down my thigh any longer.

If i don't make it known that i've loved you all along
Just like sunny days that we all ignore because
we're all dumb and jaded
and i hope to God i figure out what's wrong...

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