Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dada was great fun. after losing them for awhile, i'm happy that my guests were able to fit in and have fun. i threatened their lives if they didn't come out again, and soon.

it's so.. weird... and fantastic to have a little bit of my old life right here in my new one. surreal.

it hit about 330, and i got tired(sober), so i went to sleep in daniel's car. holy CRAP, it got cold quick. finally, he came out, dragging a drunk(hungry) jessie, and we headed home.

i finally crawled into bed, after taking off my layers of eyemakeup, at around 5 am. my alarm went off at 830.

aaah, day #2 with not nearly enough sleep.

i so want to do karaoke this evening, but eeeeeeeesh. if i don't go to bed at a reasonable time, i'll have day #3 of lack o sleep tomorrow for my big honking labor day shift.

i really hope the beans in the fridge are still good.

i have pictures. will post soon. in the meantime, here's a sideways teaser:

hooray for wigs.

and a note to self: fake blood is supposed to drip down your chin like gross gore, not hang out on your cheek like you dove starvingly into a cherry pie.

and you know? i don't think i took a picture of the sisters. i was wearing a tremendously low cut shirt with a wonderbra, thusly having acres of cleavage for the world to see. the first half hour after putting it on, i kept walking around the house, holding my breasts and going "OH MY GAW! WOW.... I MEAN... LOOK AT THEM.. I HAVE BREASTS!"
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