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dada was great fun. after losing them for awhile, i'm happy that my guests were able to fit in and have fun. i threatened their lives if they didn't come out again, and soon.

it's so.. weird... and fantastic to have a little bit of my old life right here in my new one. surreal.

it hit about 330, and i got tired(sober), so i went to sleep in daniel's car. holy CRAP, it got cold quick. finally, he came out, dragging a drunk(hungry) jessie, and we headed home.

i finally crawled into bed, after taking off my layers of eyemakeup, at around 5 am. my alarm went off at 830.

aaah, day #2 with not nearly enough sleep.

i so want to do karaoke this evening, but eeeeeeeesh. if i don't go to bed at a reasonable time, i'll have day #3 of lack o sleep tomorrow for my big honking labor day shift.

i really hope the beans in the fridge are still good.

i have pictures. will post soon. in the meantime, here's a sideways teaser:

hooray for wigs.

and a note to self: fake blood is supposed to drip down your chin like gross gore, not hang out on your cheek like you dove starvingly into a cherry pie.

and you know? i don't think i took a picture of the sisters. i was wearing a tremendously low cut shirt with a wonderbra, thusly having acres of cleavage for the world to see. the first half hour after putting it on, i kept walking around the house, holding my breasts and going "OH MY GAW! WOW.... I MEAN... LOOK AT THEM.. I HAVE BREASTS!"


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Sep. 4th, 2005 04:46 pm (UTC)
p.s. HAWT!
Sep. 4th, 2005 04:47 pm (UTC)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand where were you last night, missy?
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:04 pm (UTC)
we decided not to go.
i miss everyone dearly but what with being a mommy i try to keep away from anywhere where there might be drugs or anything that i can get introuble for vicariously.
because i already have dhs crawling up my ass as is.

i do what to come visit you all with the babe though
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:06 pm (UTC)
oh, no problems, hun, i understand!

well, you, jess, and i should plan some non party sober family fun soon then!
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:09 pm (UTC)
that sounds great
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)
That wig is definately the SEX.
I have one that is similar so that makes it even better LOL
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:20 pm (UTC)
i tried to keep my hands off the sisters, i dont know how well i did.... i was pretty trashed.
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:31 pm (UTC)
other than the LICKING, you did quite well. larrissa and ben both adore you.

sorry we left without warning, Messie tried to give us directions to beer and got us HORRIDLY lost. i had a mild panic attack in the backseat because i was riding bitch and both jess and dom were hanging ALL THE FUCK OVER ME. finally, they pulled over and larrissa and i traded spots. my brother kept telling ben how hot he was. it was great fun.

but cheez, i swear i came closer to having a trillion panic attacks there, and i rarely do. the worst was when i first got there and the livingroom was FILLED to the brink with people, and i couldn't get through, no matter how i pushed or yelled 'EXCUSE ME!'... i was torn between making my way to the bathroom and making my way outside.
Sep. 4th, 2005 05:53 pm (UTC)
Lookin' sexy!
Sep. 11th, 2006 06:24 pm (UTC)
why thank you! makes me want to don thick eyeliner and wigs more often!
Sep. 4th, 2005 06:13 pm (UTC)
gettin' wiggy wit it!

Sep. 4th, 2005 07:56 pm (UTC)
Now we have a Face to the name... *smirk* slap me but I thought with ya user name you where possibly a bloke..
Sep. 4th, 2005 10:11 pm (UTC)
What is dada?

Aaah, karaoke is so funn ^.^
Sep. 5th, 2005 02:24 am (UTC)
haha nice picture
Sep. 5th, 2005 05:33 am (UTC)
You look so awesome. You look absolutely gorgeous and hip, perfect eye liner :-) All hail the red haired goddess Isis ;-)
Sep. 5th, 2005 05:35 am (UTC)
in looking at it, you can almost see the green in my eyes, though they look dirt brown (better than the other word i would use) in person, unless i'm in very bright light, and then you can see dark olive green in them (a gift from my father.)

i also think i very oddly look like my brother in this picture, like you can actually tell we're related because of my jawline or something. funny.
Sep. 5th, 2005 08:05 am (UTC)
Earthy colored eyes are awesome..heheeh I love my earthy colored eyes.
mmmm...earth. *eats mud* ;-)
Sep. 11th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
hee hee. i also wish i had the patience and desire to wear eyemakeup more often. i'm too lazy, so about all i wear anymore is sunscreen!
Sep. 11th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC)
ugh same here. By the time I get my foundation and concealor all perfect these days, I have no more time for eye makeup. Also when you get up early and your eyes are all goopy, putting on eye makeup is a pain.
May. 8th, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
Oh heck, yes. I'm certain that it wouldn't be healthy to wear any of my makeup, as every single thing I own, I purchased in Phoenix! >.< I use the excuse that since I have such thick-rimmed glasses, it frames the eyes just fine and I don't need to add to it. If I ever started wearing contacts again or got lasik surgery, it might change.

Also, the fact that I'm getting older and LOOKING older makes me sorta want to wear some make up, though the lady that carded me for the beer I was buying last night was beyond shocked that I was born in 75.

I LOVE the fact that I live in an area of the US that is absolutely filled with women that do not wear makeup.
May. 10th, 2009 03:32 pm (UTC)
RIght now where I work, the ladies don't wear a lot of makeup too, so basically all I do is concealer. There are a few days I do put on more than usual, but mostly I'm concerned about hiding the twin black holes underneath my eyes.
Sep. 5th, 2005 09:10 am (UTC)
and a note to self: fake blood is supposed to drip down your chin like gross gore, not hang out on your cheek like you dove starvingly into a cherry pie.

I'm very tired...that made me giggle. :)
Sep. 12th, 2005 02:01 pm (UTC)
OMG -- WE MUST SEE THE PICS OF THE BREASTS!!! No fair teasing! ;-) And I LOVE that wig on you, fAH-bulous, dahling.
Sep. 11th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
ha ha, maybe i'll bring the sisters out for halloween this year! i haven't done so since dada, so....
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