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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo




**and i**


need to.


ended up waking up too entirely late to deal with the whole bathing thing, and a bit too queesy to even try, so i tried desperately to get a brush through my massively hairsprayed hair and wiped the remainder of fake blood off of my breasts and face (though i discovered later to my chagrin that because i slept in the stuff... meh.)

went to work dizzy and disoriented, feeling weak but not necessarily hung over, just TIRED. "all i have to do is get through the next six hours," i repeated to myself over and over like a mantra.

i get to work and look at the schedule... and realize that they switched my shift from 11 am to 7 pm, not five. whaa? fine. what the freak ever. then they stick me behind customer service, which means i'm chained there for the entire day, no matter what. not only that, but the hand gun thingie is 90% dead so i have to hand key almost everything, and the register runs at 1/3 the speed of the other registers. this angers me because i take quite a bit of pride in the fact that i'm thee fastest cashier there (or close, at least.)

as the time came to close the doors, they informed us that... oh.. the OWNER of officemax will be stopping in tomorrow, so everything has to be PERFECT, no matter how long it takes. therefore, it's just before 10 pm, and i just walked in the door.

long freaking day.

ran into assistant manager sonja from michaels at jack in the box, she was very excited about my possibly coming back part time and filled me in on what they would be looking for hours wise: 3 days a week, probably 5 am to 11 am. sure, i can swing that. when i worked there before, it was at 7 am, sometimes 8. not too much of a stretch, i suppose.

i'll just try not to be a weenie when it comes to walking to work in pitch blackness on a busy street.

but egads, if i hurt this badly after a 10 hour shift, how on EARTH am i going to be able to go back to working up to FIFTEEN hours a day again? but ooh, how i love to do freight, and that's all i would probably be doing, from the sounds of it. nice mindless body work, which is PERFECT for those early mornings.

and i wonder how long i would be working there before they would take notice and start to garnish those wages, too?

stupid money.

and as much as i would love to flop into bed, i must cleanse myself. and why is Bacci sleeping on my monitor? scratch that, she's not sleeping, she's staring at me vulture like. rawk. and now she's knocking things over and off just for the sake of watching them fall. SO not rawk.

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