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i find it endlessly amusing that i keep receiving mailings from Pride addressed to Aubrey Hymen.

now. i think my handwriting is pretty darn neat. if not as school teacher perfect as it used to be, it's very legible, at least. i've gotten weird versions of my last name, including Keaton and Krating.

but HYMEN? come ON.

because these mailings go to my mother's house for some reason, mom always calls me and says "is this Aubrey Uterus?" at which point, i always retort angrily "that's HYMEN, mom."

she always responds "same thing. anyway..."

sitting online waiting for a customer service representative get on the horn with me to help FINALLY get the stupid ffxi set up. grrr. if this customer service representative is as jerky as the last one i spoke to, i may just call my $20 a loss and go back to everquest.

did i tell you how much i miss... your smile...

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