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was i out of my head, was i out of my mind? how could i have ever been so blind?

I decided I can't go on the cruise. There is no way humanly possible, with not getting a week's pay ($600 not including commission, which i average about $300 a week) and make rent without becoming a prostitute. Under normal circumstances, i could, but not with the wage garnishment. i would be lucky to bring home $200 on that paycheck, certainly not enough for rent, let alone car payment (more than rent) or anything else.

so i'm home eating lunch after a good cry on my bedroom pillow.

now, to break the news to my friends and everyone i booked on the cruise. not that not having me along will prevent them from having a good time.

i freaking hate money.

there will be no cruise for aubrey until next year. no vacation until late next spring.

so, it looks like i'll be home. alone. for halloween this year.

bah humbug.

pardon me while i try not to sob in my malt-o-meal.
Tags: cruise, depression, money

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