Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

after sitting and watching season one in full, i can now honestly say that i am whole-heartedly addicted to battlestar galactica. i get to start watching season 2 after work.. or tomorrow.


i'm off to work and to turn in my application to management at michael's, which means that if all goes as planned, you will all see GREATLY less of me for the next four months.

i know i haven't been putting much in my journal regarding katrina. i do have overwhelming emotions about the entire thing, thusly causing me to almost avoid it. i will donate (however small, i'm poor) after payday. there is just so much speculation, finger pointing, and misinformation floating around out there. if you ever see me in person and wish to discuss it, sure, bring it up, i'll be most happy to give you my personal feelings on the matter at that precise point in time.


she has no time or energy
to spend on friends or family
she's got catching up to do
but precious hours are few
the life of a working girl
used to see her all the time

she's young at heart, but no teenager
early thirties, i would wager...

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