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september's results!

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if you wish to do a comparison, here's last time!

today was my first day at michaels. most people seemed genuinely excited to have me back, which made me happy. after HOURS of sitting there and watching silly training videos, i was tossed a sexy red apron, a flimsy box knife, and set free. it took a few moments to remember how to read the boxes, but within less than five minutes, it was almost as if i had never left. there were a lot of coworkers there today, most of them i didn't know. within fifteen minutes, they were all asking ME how to do things, where things were, if we carried other things.


i also realized, after clamboring up their skinny ladder for the first time, that i do NOT possess the upper arm strength that i did when i worked there last. whooo- weee. between the ladder climbing, the 15 hours on my feet, the half hour walk to/from work... i should be a muscular powerhouse in NO time.
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