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discussion of the day...

hoping on that old nostalgic wagon, which cartoons do you remember enjoying the MOST as kids and why?


i have a sneaky suspicion that tefen will pounce in and loudly proclaim his love for MASK... anyone else remember that? i do.

i HAD to watch the g.i. joe and transformers hour when i got home from school, all the way up until i hit 13.

i was big into the dungeons and dragons cartoon, too (UNI!)

i remember even at an early age, hating vitually everything that was hannah barbara, thinking they were trite and stupidly drawn/voiced.

as far as cartoon movies goes, The Last Unicorn and Secret of N.I.M.H. were my favorites. i remember seeing part of Watership Down around age 8 and SOBBING. because i had missed the first part of that, i've secretly been slightly obsessed with it ever since.

as an 'adult', i adore x-men and just about anything about superheros and mutants (well, the classic ones, i don't really have much desire to watch stuff like Static Shock...) was a big animaniacs fan (tiny toons before that...)

and naturally adult swim ;)

and INVADER ZIM! mwa ha haaaaaa.
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