Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

discussion of the day: humiliation!

okay, discussion of the day: humiliation. i want you to tell me when you've been the most embarassed/humiliated, and it'll be a fantastic bonding session for all!

my story.

i had just entered job corps, was an 18 year old VERY self conscious chubby girl with acne that had horrrrrrible self esteem. in the dorms, we had these meetings called GGI: Guided Group Interaction, where basically, we would all sit around and say something like "Molly? I just wanted to let you know that the fact that you play polka music full blast at 630 am when we all get up is highly annoying, and slightly disrespectful." it was a way that a bunch of girls being forced to live together could get things out in the open in a 'healthier' manner, to help things from building up and exploding later on and whatnot.

i had been on the center maybe two or three weeks. this was my first experience being away from home and trying to find myself.

during my first GGI, a girl who made it VERY apparent the day i started there that she did not like me and wanted nothing to do with me, said, in front of the entire dorm:

"Alix?" (i went by alix then. long story.) "Alix? Your feet freaking SMELL. they smell like rotting carcasses, and all i smell whenever i come into the dorm is the horrible stench COVERING the entire upstairs. wash your disgusting feet." she continued to carry on about my ped hygiene, using all sorts of horrible, evil similies, practically spitting out her hatred for me and my feet.

i was mortified.

i remember sitting in the midst of all of those girls, and seeing every single one of them staring at me blankly as she went through her tirade.

after the meeting, i wanted to DIE. i had MANY people come up to me and tell me that they think she's exaggerating, that THEY'VE never smelled my feet, they don't know why she would say that. well, thank you for standing up for me during the MEETING. egads.

and because of this, i think i'm a bit traumatized and freaky about my feet hygiene. i'm always terrified of them smelling or being in situations where i have to take off my shoes, just in case the fact that i bathed and put on clean socks won't help my horrible "decaying" feet.

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