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Because I was curious as to which interests out of my 150 that it would pull up...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. celestine prophecy:
    I read this book in 1996ish or so, and it was pretty much EXACTLY what i needed at the time that I read it. It helped me to view the world a little differently from within myself, to take time to smell the flowers, as it were.
  2. death gate cycle:
    My favoritest book series EVER. My brother and I can sit for hours and talk about different aspects of it, though it's difficult to put into words here. For those of you that love sci fi/fantasy book genre, I highly recommend it, by Weis and Hickman.
  3. final fantasy:
    The first one I ever played was FF3(6), when I came home to visit from job corps for the holidays. I FELL IN LOVE with it, especially Celes and Locke. I finally started playing xi, and it's aiiight. To this day, I have beat 6, 7, 9, 10 and 10-2, as well as the Chrono's (Cross and Trigger.). Things keep happening to prevent me from beating 8 and 4, and I couldn't sit through very much of 5. Maybe one day when I'm old and bedridden.
  4. hypoglycemia:
    Diabetes runs VERY rampant in my family. Shortly before starting this journal (or, rather, aubreystar), I had been diagnosed with hypoglycemia - low blood sugar. For those of you not familiar with healthy blood sugar levels, it's supposed to be approx. 80 to 130, I believe. My resting blood sugar was at 59. During my glucose tolerance test, when they fed me straight sugar water, my blood sugar jumped up to 127, then down to 45, where i felt as if i would pass out. I am still borderline diabetic. My doctor told me that it wasn't a question as to IF i would become diabetic, but WHEN, and that the choices I make now will help to determin that.
  5. lucid dreaming:
    Dreams have always fascinated me. I used to be very proficient in interpreting dreams, although since I haven't done it in YEARS, the practice has sort of escaped me. I used to be so good at interpreting my own dreams, that I would be able to stop what I was doing in the dream, turn around, and take note of things around me that would be important to my self interpretation later. In my lucid dreaming, I would never try to change events, just be aware that I was dreaming, and take interest in how things unfolded around me, what my subconscious was trying to tell me.
  6. occult:
    Hee hee. For about 10 to 15 years, off and on, the occult has interested me. I've incorporated some of the beliefs into my own, though not NEARLY all of them. I guess that it was all part and par of checking out different religions to see what 'fit'. I am, of course, talking about the more positive, Wiccan part of the occult, versus the darker aspects. Remember the Rule of Three.
  7. religion:
    I love discussing views on religion. PERSONAL views, not ORGANIZED views. I feel that just about everyone views religion and their beliefs different than the next person. I can sit for HOURS and discuss different angles of different beliefs. This, however, should not be confused with "organized religion", which scares the bejeebers out of me. I know what I believe, for the most part (some is still under consideration), and i don't feel that someone can TELL you WHAT to believe.
  8. sleeping:
    To sleep, perchance to dream.... Nothing makes me feel better than some tasty sleep.
  9. the front:
    One of the old 'hair bands' that i loveded dearly as a teenager, that i still love today, although almost no one remembers them (nor their later band, Bakers Pink.) Singer Michael Anthony Franano is one of my favoritest lyrical writers.
  10. weezer:
    Hee hee. their little emo hearts bring joy to my hearts.

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played my Mithra warrior up to lvl 7. Yup. That's about it today. Oooh, and laundry and voting.

Now I'm watching Big Brother finale. I get to miss Lost tomorrow, but that's okay, because I haven't seen ALL of the first season yet. And isn't the new ER this week as well? I'm actually off. Woot.

R.I.P. Downtown Denny's, I hardly new ye, yet I mourn ye still.

I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something MUI importante. I hate that.

in other news, whaaaaa? Mistique dumped Uncle Jessie for Quinn Mallory?!?

I'm cold.

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