Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i dreamed last night that something had happened, and i had been able to go on the cruise. i dreamed that i snuck to my boss's desk and took my tickets back out (why they were there instead of in my apartment, i have no clue). i dreamed that i danced and pirouetted with sunshine and rainbows and candy canes dancing around my head.

then i woke up.

i wanna go. i really wanna go. i just don't see how it's feasable. do work places allow you to go in the hole when it comes to vacation time? it doesn't hurt to ask, plead, throw myself at their mercy. worst case scenerio, Human Resources can have a good laugh at my expense. i mean, hell, i AM the girl whose thighs thanked the new young guy for getting her the gym membership.

i miss the excitement coming around that last bend in San Pedro, and seeing the beautiful commercialized Carnival Fishtail sticking up. i miss the fight through the serpentine line with the anticipation whether or not you got that upgrade. i miss finally edging your way through the metal detector and walking through the entrance and seeing how gigantos the ship looks, and how bright and heavenly it looks with the sun shining directly on it's gigantic whiteness. i miss chirping excitedly to the roommate as you go on the Quest to Find Your Room and See if Your Key Works. I miss dumping everything in the middle of the stateroom floor and bed and taking a deep breath as you decide whether to unpack or to leave and explore for Cute Singles.

i miss the ship rocking me to sleep every night. i sleep like a brick when i'm on a ship, a happy, innocent childlike slumber. i miss going on top of the ship every night after i have my cappuccino between lobster dinner and creme brule dessert, to find that 'alone' spot in the back side to let the wind blow through my hair, close my eyes, breathe the sea air and listen to the swoosh of the waves as i clear my head, letting all my stress for the moment float away. i miss that most of all. my Alone Time at night.

i think the dream gave me a slight bit of hope, that all is not lost unless you let it be lost. i want to fight for this vacation.

i WILL fight for this vacation.
Tags: cruise, dreams, nostalgia

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