Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

message on my cell from manager at work:

"Hullo, Aubrey, this is Steve Hemplemann from Officemax. Was wondering if you could come in tomorrow morning at 7 am instead of 9, as we cancelled the morning crew. Call if there is any problem with this. Again. This is Steve Hemplemann from Officemax."

next message:

"Hullo, Aubrey, This is Steve Hemplemann from Officemax. Was wondering if you could come in this evening to close, maybe 330 or so until closing, and then come in tomorrow at 7 am. doesn't that sound fun? Give us a call if you can."

so. call if i CAN come in tonight, but CAN'T come in tomorrow, i should call? Methinks I shall wait a tad longer to call to let them know that i CAN come in tomorrow at seven, and not tonight.

Besides. i have me an ex roommate to hang out with! I had forgotten how much I love me some Andrea time. I feel like i have part of me back that i lost, to put it creepily. It just seems like forever since i've had GIRL time. (gay boys do NOT count.)

She helped me to begin my moogle hat. WOOPS! ran out of eyelashy yarn. crap. She did the little bauble in the red yarn that goes on the top, though :D Haven't decided if i want to actually put a moogle FACE on my hat yet, or just ears and a bauble. and if i were VERY creative, i would make a matching scarf with tiny little purple wings, too. but i'm not VERY creative.

now we're off to go eat hamburgers with no buns at fat dave's. woo.

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