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sipping diet soda, hoping for a teensy caffeine burst to clean the house somewhat. came home from work to step inside and sniff and exclaim "EEEEEW, WHAT IS THAT?!?!" it smells like a drunk died in our closet, and the smell is finally wafting into the living room. *fans nose*

yay for fridays! i have a long arse work week ahead of me, so i'm cherishing it. kinda wanna do something tonight, but not sure. lighting a stink-pretty candle fer sher for starters.

thought i worked at butt-thirty this morning, but ended up getting there OVER AN HOUR before i was supposed to be. so i went to barnes and noble instead.

i HAD to have a pumpkin latte today to kick off the autumn season, my favorite of all. keep in mind that i haven't had coffee in over three weeks. two sips into it, i felt as if i would 'splode. so i shuffled quickly up and down the different aisles, checking out different books. i paid especially close attention to the sci fi/fantasy section, as i'm suddenly craving replacing ALL of the books i left in phoenix that i will never get back. i have.. lessee.. i have the robert jordan ones. the dragonlance ones that i felt like reading fairly recently... aaaaand that's about it. i USED to have practically every valdemarian mercedes lackey book ever written (as well as MANY other lackey ones), all terry brooks, all raymond e. feist...terry goodkind... i also had a bunch of nifty occult type books that i had carried with me for YEARS, and some other fun stuff. all of the plains of passage books that i kept meaning to read, but never got around to it. all of my tad williams. my ragged copy of watership down. most of those books i had carried with me throughout all of my NUMEROUS moves around the states, had the same copies of since i was 14.

and now i have to start over.

i don't know why i felt i had to start TODAY. i really need to hit up the used book stores. but really, i need to realize what i'm going to read next, and then fill out my collection from there, as so far, i've just been snagging random books at various stages of multiple series. THAT isn't really effective. and it's funny that i bought 3 books today, and i have never owned a single one of them before. duh.

first one: i had sworn a solemn vicious swear that i would NEVER purchase this book, nor any of the books in the series, nor see any of the movies. i had figured that i was one of thee last people on EARTH to have withheld thus far, and was going to hold out for FOREVER, if i could help it. but i saw the preview for the new movie to come out while watching Corpse Bride, and ... well... it was convincing enough to race right out and buy it.

so yesh. i now own the first Harry Potter book. meh.

second one is the second in a brooks series, jess is reading the first book in the series so far and called to tell me that it's THE BEST EVER. so i bought terry brooks' Antrax, the next in the series.

third one was more of a curiosity than anything else, really. i'm sure it will be cheese central, and i've never been overly interested in reading something with very heavy religious overtones or whatnot, but i bought it for $2 at value village: the first book in the left behind series. i was seeing this guy, once upon a time, while i was going through this VERY religiousy Christiany point in my life. i turned him on to God, and he picked up the book when it first came out, and told me it was FANTASTIC. i guess that since i never liked how things ended between us, that part of me was curious to read what he had read? whatever. lame-o me, still dwelling on it, although i haven't even SEEN the guy in 8 years.

but i refuse to read any of them until i FINALLY finish the series that i'm reading: the elbryan/pony books from r.a. salvatore that coworker mary loaned to me a YEAR ago. yeah. putting that television in my bedroom has really put a damper on my reading time.

in other news? still so much to do, so little time.
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