Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

aaah, 615 ay em, and time to go to work, though i'm still half-dressed in my pajamas (i say 'half dressed' because i am donned in my work pants and the tshirt i slept in, complete with bathrobe...)

shall be a long honking day, and i'm sure i'll be ready to hack my feet off with a hand saw by the end of the day. one thing that i've noticed about working both jobs again, and the fact that i seem to keep getting chained behind registers, is that there is a specific point during the day, usually mid-transaction, when it clicks that i am SO done with people for the day.

i give my all for customer service. i tell jokes and genuinely smile throughout the transaction, elicit sympathy where needed, and spread my knowledge extensively. the anti-people moment generally clicks during a good transaction, talking to a nice person, so it isn't because i've had angry people. (usually, i'm good at turning around angry people, except the exceptional stinkers.) it's just... egads. there's just so much Outstanding Customer Service that one can exude in a 24 hour period.

thank goodness i get 2 hours before michaels opens in order to do mindless stocking. YESH!

and 3 1/2 hours in order to keep myself occupied between shifts. if i didn't not feel like walking 3 miles (mile and a half home, mile and a half back), i just may come home to take a nap during that time. but instead? i'll probably read at B&N instead.

must remember to take book.

see you all later!

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