Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ooh, and i had a first dream involving lj'ers that i have never met in a long time!

i dreamed that i was walking along a river bank at the bottom of a hill at dusk, and i saw three women waving to me from the distance. i shrieked with happiness and ran up the riverside to meet eternitywaiting, alariya, and belenen! we all hugged happily and put our arms around each other and walked up the riverside, chittering happily. i asked how Anika's visit was going, and the other two remarked that it was absolutely splendid! Anika said that she had something to show me, so we climbed up the hill a little bit and sat down as she pulled out this deluxe stamp set that.. it's hard to explain. it was mainly a stamp set contrived from pictures from a horrible murder scene, with a backdrop where you could create your OWN murder scene. the inner gothy side of me was fascinated, so i started looking at each of the stamps. i remarked at how odd it was that they chose THOSE images, as the only stamps i could find were stuff like beautiful flowers and birdcages and kittens and...

i then told them that i was sorry, that i had to go do something, and left them. i then went to this house to ... i think save a teenage girl that was being mentally battered by uncaring parents and family that really didn't seem to care what was going on in her life, didn't care about her dreams and aspirations. so i helped her pack up the things that meant the most to her, as i told her that it's okay, that i knew that leaving was such a scary thing, but that it would be better in the long run, she would see.

i think eventually, i turned INTO that girl.

hrm. typing that out, now, i think that so much that i've read in your journals right before bed last night helped to manifest itself into my dreams. funny how that works.
Tags: dreams

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