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Sep. 30th, 2005

yay for being home!


what a freaking SOGGY day it hath been! it's like washington state had forgotten HOW to rain, so it made up for lost time by DUMPING on us all day. seriously. it wasn't raining when i left for my first shift, but immediately after getting there, it started POURING. it's still POURING.

and i started at 7 am.

anyhoo. not a bad day, though i'm SLEEPY. awful work related dreams last night, involving being at officemax and getting slammed, no one responding to my calls for assistance or any questions i asked, and desperately needing stuff from OTHERS in order to do my job, instead of being able to handle things by myself.

ate pho between jobs, and then ran to barnes and noble (after almost getting hit by a stupid car.) to sit in my sopping cold clothing and drink hot cinamon tea.

got to work, got counted into customer service, and BOOM! everyone leaves me up there by myself. instantly, i get slammed with people glaring at me because all they want to do is go HOME and start their weekends. a giant line. i'm needing things from lockup (which i cannot get), answering the phone (ringing off the hook) and on my radio, freaking out for someone to come up and cashier, for someone to PLEASE get the call on line one, and did everyone go home? every single thing i said over the radio or asked for was met ONLY with resounding silence.


overall, though, everyone was in GREAT spirits, customer wise. the only two people that i had that were angry was:

1) a guy that came in with a brother printer, soaking wet from the rain. said he needed to return or exchange it, did not have his receipt. i can tell by looking at it, that it's a $200 piece of machinery, which we can only on rare occasions return without proof of purchase. so i figure that i can do the next best thing, which is exchange it for the same model. after researching it, i discover that we haven't had that model in stock for MONTHS, and the 'current retail' is $44, which is the price that it has been since MID JUNE. so i ask him when he had purchased it, and he freaks out on me, saying he's ONLY had it for nine months. i inform him that the BEST we can do is to MAAAAYBE apply the $44 towards a new printer, but that our return policy for electronics is TWO WEEKS, that it's still under warranty with brother, so i would be happy to obtain their number for him. he insists that we have this magical machine that can look his purchase up to determine what he paid for it, in order to give him a full refund. i'm sorry, sir, our computers only go back 30 days. he storms out, saying he'll never shop there again.

2) another guy that brings up a $19.99 shredder. i ring him up, he hands me a coupon that expired days ago. i apologize, and say that our computers will not accept it. he instantly tells me how to do my job, saying that they've ALWAYS taken expired coupons. i let him know that in the past, that there had been ways around that, ways that we could MAKE the computer take it, but that corporate has changed our registers to prevent this from happening. he says "FINE! i'll take it to STAPLES! THEEEEY'LL honor your stupid coupon. i'll use this one instead." and tosses me another one that says in bold writing on the front 'only valid from 10/15/05 to 11/30/05'. i again inform him that our computers will not take it, and even scan the coupon to show him. he leaves in a huff and tells me where to go, saying he'll shop at staples from now on. (good thing we never got to the point in the conversation that i would have to inform him that he also needs to spend $20 BEFORE tax in order for the coupon to work.) as i see it, if staples is willing to take a $10 loss on an expired coupon (which i don't think they would), he's certainly welcome to use up the gas to drive AAALLLL THE WAY to portland to get it.

also a lady that said she would shop in oregon because she could save ten cents on four packs of file folders. o_O umkay. that's fourty cents your saving, and HOW much will you spend in gas going over the bridge?

and another lady that brought up a palm pilot case on clearance for $7.50. got angry when she discovered that it was just a CASE, not a palm inside of it. but she was still nice.

it made me feel good when i was completely by myself (they've cut hours so badly that it was only myself and Hai from about 4 pm on, and i had to send Hai for a lunch, which left only me on a register, and a manager ... somewhere ...) and i had a long line. i just moved as fast as i could and kept a cheery demeanor and made eye contact with everyone in the line (no matter how far back they were) and sincerely apologized for the wait. everyone smiled cheerily back at me and said "it's no problem, you do what you can!" usually, stuff like that is met with huffiness and evil glares.

i was also in quite the flirtatious mood tonight. several times, i would grin and crack jokes with a guy in my line and realize what i was doing as they would be walking out the door and grinning back at me. hee hee. i didn't know i still had it in me. especially after only about 3 hours of (un)sound sleep and not wearing any makeup.

in other news? whomever packs or drives our freight trucks smokes ONE helluva lotta weed. all of our pallets of freight ReEeEeEeKED of it, to where it smelled like someone had a pot party in our receiving area. our register bags even smell like pot.


when it comes to stuff like that, to each his own. whatever you decide to do is your business.

unless you're driving a GIANT FREAKING SEMI! egads. i had meant to get the tip line number before i left work so that i could file a report, because besides it being completely unfreakingprofessional, it's a GIANT FREAKING SEMI!!!

besides, there could be a $300 reward in it for me. but that wouldn't be why i would be doing it. well, not all the way, anyway. if i didn't want the $300, i would just call anonymously.

p.s., sorry for all the random capitalized words. apparently, i'm REALLY MEANING certain parts of my post.

or something.




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Oct. 1st, 2005 02:19 pm (UTC)
Crappy customer 1: you'll be seeing him again. They always say "I'll never shop here again", but they never mean it.

crappy customer 2: I hope he goes to Staples and they laugh in his face. And why can't people READ coupons before trying to use them?

Other than them, I'm glad you had a decent day!

(and I would so call the tip line.)
Oct. 19th, 2006 02:14 am (UTC)
thankfully, there's only a handful of people that make our lives miserable on a regular basis. an office depot opened up literally a block away, so i'm hoping that they will finally follow through with their threats ;)

and i can't count how many times people will throw a fit, spend a gagillion dollars on gas and priceless TIME, just to go to our competitor and save $3.
Oct. 1st, 2005 02:23 pm (UTC)
I'm sure you're probably already aware of customers_suck
Oct. 19th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
oh yes. i join every once in awhile, go on a tirade, then get irritated with how active it is and either leave or take it off my friends list.

but ah, yesh.
Oct. 1st, 2005 04:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reminding me how wonderful it is to not work with customers anymore.
Oct. 1st, 2005 04:46 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 2nd, 2005 06:08 pm (UTC)

Don't feel bad about calling or wanting to call on the driver, hell that is just wrong, if your packages were that bad the wowo! I wonder if perhaps they were transporting which is bad too... anyway moving on.

We have discount stores around here, perhaps theya re everywhere, Aldi's, Save-a-Lot and I think there is another sotre chain. The thing is they usually have one register person, Oh A lot of the Family Doller places, well with that one person working there are many times EVERYDAY that there will be more customers then they can handle. I really hate waiting like five to ten minutes in line but I unserstand that its just one person. usually when I am upset I'm not upset at the person at all and try my best to not show any anger... However, we no longer have Customer Service Professionsals like you. They all have their own attitudes and huff and puff them selves and they just throw your stuff around and generally make the practice of check out very unplesent. I try to stay calm at them but sometime it just gets you soo mad!

So... what was the point of all this *thinking*

Thank You!

Happy weekend to you too
Oct. 19th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
bad customer service always sticks out to me as i've been in customer service for YEARS and have almost always (the first few years were a bit shaky) gone way out of my way to provide excellent customer service. unfortunately, good customer service is SO hard to find, so my brother and i always make it a point to fill out comment cards when possible.
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