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yay for days off! stanieldaniel and i may be hanging out. manager roxana said she was bringing me a coffee table today, but hasn't mentioned it for days, so... *shrug*

as i was counting into my till yesterday, i said to the store manager to not even bother trying to call me into work today, as it's my only day off for who knows how long. he laughed and said they didn't have the payroll for it, anyway.

i wake up this morning to a message from a different manager asking me to come in and close. um, no.

manager rick calls later and leaves a message that they desperately need me to call them, as they're missing something very important (a little device attached to all of the registers to remove anti theft devices) and wanted to know if i saw it last night. i call and let them know that it was there after we closed last night. he informed me that it certainly wasn't there this morning. huh. well, if it doesn't turn up, we know it's one of 4 people that took it in the overnight crew, which i would never think of any of them.

he also tells me that manager don is in the hospital from chest pains. this didn't surprise me, as he was clutching his chest all night last night. i do so hope that he is okay, though. i'm kind of attached to each of my managers, you see. and officemax has such a small amount of employees (generally 15 at any given time, including the 4 managers), so we're a tightly knit crew. (or so i would like to believe. you wouldn't always think so to hear some of them talk about each other, but i don't have anything bad to say back to them about whomever they talk about. makes me wonder what they say about me when i'm not around. "that aubrey! gah! she thinks she's so freaking funny, why doesn't she freaking SHUT UP. teacher's pet.")

i have a loverly bruise above my right knee where i slammed a corner of a case of paper into my thigh. yum. bruises crack me up, as i don't bruise easily, and i constantly seem to have them ALL THE FREAK over since starting at officemax, generally on my calves and arms. MY MANAGER BEATS ME IF I DON'T SELL MAX ASSURANCES!!! *sobs*

i shall end this post before it becomes any more boring.

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