Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

thank you so much dolmadez for your loverly postcard! it made my day to find something in there that wasn't a bill for once.

work was LONG and arduous. everyone seemed cranky for zero reason, and over the most ridiculous things. it started raining two days ago, at which point everyone was full of happiness and cheer. everyone seemed overly joyous at the rain, and it was still almost 80 degrees!

welp, yesterday, the temperature dropped DRAMATICALLY. and it kept raining.

and kept raining.

so it's almost as if everyone is saying 'eGADS! i freaking GET it! we needed the rain, but sheesh!"

wore my loverly peacoat to work today that i hadn't been able to fit into for YEARS. aaaand buttoned it up completely and comfortably, thankyouverymuch. though i've been pretty much the same weight or in the same range for two months now, it's still a total of 36 lbs lost since april 28th. i can handle hanging out at the same weight, i suppose, just as long as i don't put it back on.


in other news? my contacts are hella dry and i have a flea in my pants. i wish bacci would keep them to herself.

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