Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

egads, i'm so sleepy, my eyes hurt.

course, it could be the loverly allergy attack i seem to be having this morning, too. KICK IN, CLARITIN! YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE! *sob*

yesterday was a day from hell at work. okay, i exaggerate. but for some reason, i was in the mood to hate everyone and everything. every single person that came through my line irritated me, although a lot of them were quite nice. after being there for only an hour and a half, i declared loudly that i was going to lunch before i killed someone.

due to the fact that Anyone Who's Anyone is visiting this week (like, oh... the PRESIDENT of ALL that is officemax, a bunch of regional people, etc.), everything had to be perfect. because we were slammed and didn't have a chance to do anything before we ushered the last person out of the door, i was there until after 1130, at which point, they said they would let me go, as a favor, since i have to work at 7 am this morning at michaels.

and then promptly kicked me out the door into our not stellar neighborhood to WALK home at almost midnight.

normally, i don't really give a hoot as to if it's dark on my walk to or from work. it'll still be pitch black outside when i leave for work in a few minutes, in fact. but something about walking thirty minutes at almost midnight up several creepy streets when there's practically no traffic or anyone else to be seen anywhere. it gives me the willies, it does.

luckily, brosely and stanieldaniel were here watching Lost on my computer, so they met me halfway. yesh.

oooh, and i must tell you about Mr. Gadfly. let's hope that my font and words will help to actually properly portray all that is Mr. Gadfly.

Although i really don't have time to go into it NOW, sillies. i must leave for work soon, and i'm still in my perjammas. let me just leave you with the fact that Mr. Gadfly caused me to seriously believe that i had been Punk'd or on candid camera or that there were girls behaving badly... somewhere.

at least i just have to get through a measly five hour shift, and i shall be home by 1 pm.... hopehopehope.

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