Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i'm obviously bored and shirking my duties during the first 2 hours of my shift:


G R E E T I N G S Pisces

All forms of worship are welcome, from highfalutin' compliments to mischievous suggestions. ***i also take cash, ESPECIALLY take cash, who needs a good grovel and ass kissing if they can just toss a fiver at you and leave?***

You can take whatever comes at you and turn it into something worth having. ***translation: packrat-ism: my trash is also my treasure***

Your magnetic personality is drawing tons of attention from the Universe and a few other interesting specimens. ***translation: my leg will be humped by a dog sometime today, and aliens are watching from afar, trying to decide if and when exactly to abduct, and what size tube to use for my anal probe***

Although you understand yourself perfectly, others believe that you have a mysterious nature. ***and this is something new?****

You're not about to argue with a reputation that brings so much welcome attention into your life. ***i never argue with anything else, why start now?***

It's all grist for the mill. ***this is mysterious. some kind of new lingo, i think, involving tempe***

Anything you produce is worth its weight in gold. ***which is why i'm broke: i haven't done anything***
Tags: aubreyisms

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