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played my guitar today until my fingers fell off and my voice cracked when i spoke.

twas a great release. remind me why i do not do this more often?

am still in great pain today, but i think i can handle work and *gasp* INVENTORY! *simpering ensues*

i forgot to sign in last weekend, though i was sporadically around, but this weekend's theme in the beloved community weekending is butt cracks: either show yours or write an ode to yours.

i wrote about my underwear instead, which i suppose sort of counts, as it hides my crack:

i see london
i see france
i wish i wore
no underpants

because they confine
although do define
my rear for slimming
my rough edging

if only my pants
my gut didn't enhance
then my underwear
would not be there

so the story moral
whether pink or coral
i will wear the 'roos
til i wear size twos

today is one of those days that i'm craving nekkid cuddling in bed. it's a lazy day, overcast and chilly. perfect for weekend long sex, cuddling, sharing, whatnot. lots of hot tea, massages, and slow kissing.

but i'm single! so those thoughts shall just have to be put on the shelf until who knows when.

i just realized that i have no icon for feeling sexy. maybe because i never feel sexy anymore? i must change this.
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