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banana hammock. BANANA HAMMOCK!

day off, hooray!

got home from work shortly after 130 am last night. i got to be the honorary map marker for inventory, which basically means that i sit behind a table and regulate all the slips as they're returned, corrected, and finished. my back was KILLING me by the time i got home - i can't imagine how horrid i would have felt had i been out lifting, stretching, counting, bending over, etc.

gots my paycheck and feel that i need to go on a little adventure, even if said adventure ends up being just going down and cashing my check. i'm uber sleepy although i slept until noon thirty. i feel like i need to ACCOMPLISH something today, and know that having money for the week would be a grand thing. maybe dink around at value village? thought about catching the bus down to one of the used book stores also, but then remember that my shoulders are killing me, and the thought of carring something for great distances really sounds like a lot of not fun.

but i think lunch is definitely in the mix. i never thought i would get over qualms about going out and eating by myself. i do still feel a bit odd sometimes, especially when the person that goes to seat me looks all around behind me, and then gives me an offish look and says 'just one?' maybe i'll catch a movie, too. dunno what i actually feeeeeel like doing, so we shall see.

but i definitely need FOOD. i've been eating junk for far too long.

schedule for the week for anyone who's interested:

monday, tuesday, and thursday: 7 am until 1030 pm.
wednesday, 4 pm to 1030 pm.
friday and saturday: blessedly OFF.

you know bacci is in a needful mood when she yaulps loudly and bounds across the room to bang her forehead repeatedly and forcedly against your face. i love my kitty. i've never heard a cat purr as loudly as my little bacci does casually.
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