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picked up some vital pieces of my halloween costume yesterday (reminder: my integral part of our teen titans group is to play Raven.) Found the boots i neeed and two possible leotards (even the word makes me shudder violently). will be very strongly on my diet between now and halloween, if only to at least not FEEL like a chunk. still need some good.. tights. *eek* and a belt. and a fantastic cape. i was so wrapped up in the jolly of getting at least the leotard and boots (LOVE the boots, will wear them all the time anyway, and they were only $3.50! wootness!) jess says that we should get all dolled up and hit the mall on halloween :)


aubrey: raven
faetal: starfire
antialias: robin
brosely: beastboy
stanieldaniel: cyborg

anyone else that lives in the area that wishes to become a titan, we still have some of the other lesser known ones left, i.e. terra and aqualad. (wil wheaton GO!) and we're going to need some VERY much creativity to dress daniel up as a giant cyborg black guy.

maybe this year will be like last year, where i go ALL FREAKING OUT for my costume, and no one recognizes who i am. not a single freaking person knew i was Gaz, not a single freaking person had ever SEEEEEN invader zim. i had bleached my hair out and gone bright purple. i don't think that i have the effort in me to go periwinkle this year, especially since i can only have it for the 3 days i am not at work, having to redye it a 'color found in nature' by the time i return on the 2nd of november.

picked up x-men legends last night, had fun playing with it. too bad i wasn't intelligent enough to know how to switch between my mutants until WAAAAY later in the game. doy. also picked up the SPECIAL EDITION of space channel five, for only $8, which includes the regular version and the dreamcast version as well.

i was just about to complain that i was hongray, and remembered that i have two hot weenies sitting on a plate right in front of me. double doy.

also picked up some Method cleaning stuff (JOY!), meat, teeth whitening gunk, and a lot of other random stuff that is probably of no interest to you.

am slowly falling in love with the white stripes. shh, it's a secret.
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