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heh heh. bad things happen when you're supposed to be at work by 7 am, and you wake up to broad daylight in your room.


and there seems to be a creature gnawing at my stomach lining. i must feed it. and bathe. and walk my half hour to work.

which means that i should be arriving there approximately one hour before my shift ends.


**EDIT** huh. i'm almost 3 hours late, and i didn't even get a call from them on my cell. wonder why that is?

i called and they just cheerily said "okay, we'll see you when you get in!" weirdness.

in other thoughts, i've noticed that this time around at michaels that it seems like all of those i clashed heads with the last time that i was there seem to be my new best buds, whereas those that i had gotten along splendidly with tend to never have anything to say to me, other than irritated "hi, aubrey"s. granted *knock on wood* those that i'm getting along well with are the better of the workers, or more of the 'elite' group (i.e. denise and becky), so mayhaps that means that i'm a much better worker this time around? granted, i was late today (and it was a doozy!), but it's the first time i've been late since i've been back *knock on wood* and last time i was late almost every single day. even my tardiness at officemax hath improved greatly lately.


now, if i can just get this overwhelming feeling that i'm constantly running a fever to go AWAY.

and i FINALLY finished the r.a.salvatore books yesterday! (hooray for 4 HOURS at b&n) with as much trudging as it took to get through the books, it had an exciting ending (though not a happy one) at least.
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