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*insert obligatory statement about being sorry about being away due to working lots and sleeping less....................... HERE:________________*

felt completely out of it all day and had a couple of random coughing fits. i really hope that it doesn't mean that my immune system is shutting down on me. i mean, i've only gotten drenched on my walk to work a few times in the last week or two. rain doesn't carry bacteria.. does it?

excited that today is my friday!! weee! found out excitedly that i actually have a THREE DAAY FREAKING WEEEEKEND, BIATCHES!!! wow. that felt good to scream... through my fingertips.

today was Honorary Shrieking Banshee Offspring Day at michaels, apparently. constantly there was some kid.. SOMEwhere.. doing the thing where the bleat out a high-pitched topofthelung scream to get their parent(s) attention. i swear, it was almost like cheap wrestling: one would leave and tag another to come in and beat up on our ears.

i need to check out where the local family planning place is so that i can get my bizness checked out before i start bleeding again. i have next friday off, too, but methinks that it'll be too late. and if my dumb uterus hath been aching occasionally when i'm between... yeah. methinks i should get it checked out, even if only for my hypochondriac piece of mind.

speaking of the front end of my trunk... i think i'm in HEAT. i don't know what is UP with my libido lately, but whew. i wish i could be the girl of days of yore and grab a random person to .. relieve certain things, but those days are past. i'm a new girl now. *sighs sadly*

but i almost feel sorry for my next actual boyfriend. he's going to need a walker.

and i don't know why i'm rereading a series i've already read almost all that i could (wheel of time) when i have all these new books that are dying to be read (narnia - never read. hitchikers guide - never read. harry potter - never read.) maybe i just need me a little nynaeve and mat fix? mayhaps. and oh, how i love Min. makes me want to hack all my hair off again and wear men's clothing. ha!

going to bed before this gets much more nonsensical.
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