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baah humbug.

*sneezes literally fifteen times*

okay, okay, i think i'm finally coming to terms with the fact that my sinuses are not acting like this because of stirring up dust around the house as i was vacuuming and such while i didn't have internet access yesterday. we shall see how well i am after taking an allergy pill and being out of the house all day.

so yesterday, i pulled my computer out, unplugged everything, and pulled out the harddrive. eek! it's like LAVA. so i let it cool down completely, plug it in, and hook everything back up, hoping that i put everything back together correctly. HUZZAH! theeeeeere's that hard drive! my music is SAVED! what is this? no sound? no INTERNET?!? ... the HELL?!?

sick of messing with it, and realizing that there was stuff i needed to do around the house, i figured i would wait until later.

this morning, i rooted around in the back (i should take a picture of my desk so you could see how difficult this is to do) and realized that i had stuff the internet cord..somewhere random, pretty much.

SO I'M BACK! WOOO! my sound isn't, but i'll leave that for another day.


so i got my hairs cut on friday.

ugh. i went in, saying i wanted it in a-line (much like raven's in this icon). she hacked about 5" off of my hair.... but no a-line. it's just very VERY dorkily short. too short for an a-line. too short to even pull it back. GAH! (yes, yes, i have pictures for yous, will upload them ... some other time.)

you see, i'm thirty years old. i've gotten many a haircut in my lifetime. but never NEVER have i been terrified of my haircutting lady. seriously. she was in THEE worst possible mood while she was doing my hair. she would bark questions or statements at me. (come on back. do you know what you want? sit. take your glasses off.) followed by intense silence where she would glare at the back of my head. every attempt i made to try to alleviate her sour mood was met by silence. eventually, she started asking questions "did you just recently dye your hair? it's dry." "so how's your weekend" etc., that sounded like she felt she needed to ask the typical mundane questions, not because she was really interested in what my answer would be. because she was making me nervous, i would shyly answer the question, which would be met by an angry "WHAT?!?" that would cause my nervousness to increase.

the whole thing was beyond nerve-wracking that i hurried and paid and left very quickly, not noticing it was SO not what i wanted until hours later.

and now i get to wait SEVERAL months for it to grow out. mehinks i should just shave it.


pattie's birthday/going away party was last night at mojo's. coworker jessalyn met us here and we galloped on over. i've been to mojo's many-o-time, but last night was a really weird night. we get there and pattie and her family are sitting around a long table. as four of us had just walked in, i said that maybe we should take the long table behind them. so i turn around to put my stuff down, and two people race over and sit there first, glaring at me to try to take their spot. unkaaaay. so i go over to the other side of the table everyone is sitting at, and see a bag sitting there. i ask her husband if the seats were taken, and a big bear of a man across the bar says "you had BEST not try to take my seat! *glareglareglare*" i wave my apologies and go to the complete OPPOSITE side of the bar from where he was sitting, but still sort of in line with the table, and sit next to the wall. (the man proceeded to glare at me the remainder of the evening whenever i came within 10 feet of him.) daniel and i went to get drinks, but were having to stand to the side of the bar, as i SO didn't want to block Bear Man's words on the karaoke screen. several people cut in line before us. we kept talking about how awkward the whole bar was that night, how almost frightened we were to be there. it was also massively busy, something mojo's is never. took a TRILLION pictures, which will be up for your viewing pleasure... someday.

*edit* my loverly faetal was making sketches last night and ended up doing a rendering of the glarglareglare guy as he was singing. as someone said, he was angry at something and was taking it out on our ears. now, i'm all for the spirit of singing karaoke, that it's not about talent, it's about FUN! F.U!...... N! the guy was probably about 45 and SCREAMING songs by tool, creed, etc. as loud as he could into the mic, and was glaring at everyone as he did so. so for your viewing pleasure, here's Seat Man.

bacci spent the last 20 minutes staring at a painting on the wall. too bad she stopped when i reached for my camera.
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