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thank you to my dearest belenen for the LOVELY layout!!! hee hee hee. i do love autumn so much! and the TREEEES *swoon*

drinking chai and fighting off yet another allergy-like attack. bleh. cheez, if it's truly a cold, why not just freaking POUNCE on me, already? what's with the flirting with death, yo? (did... did i just really say 'yo'?)

anyhoo. here's a poll for your filling outting enjoyment. i had been talking with a few people lately about how i wonder if there are people out there misprounouncing my name (mainly thought of after someone said that they thought it was cool after they realized how to say it). i'm sure that i'm calling some of you odd things, so i was just curious.

Poll #593118 name pronounce-iation poll

how do you pronounce your livejournal name?!?

for example, mine is aubkabob: OB-kuh-Bob.

so don't want to go to work today. mlergh.
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