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sense of smell's the way you tell that you need to change your socks

ALL sorts of "grrrrr" going out to Lost being a rerun this evening. the first freaking wednesday i've actually had off work in AGES, the jerks. *shakes fist in rage* okay, granted, i didn't haaaave tonight off, i called in sick one final time. whot?!? i gots me a doctor's note! (and drugs, canya tell?)

as for the foot, the swelling is THANKFULLY down. when i took my socks off for the doctor last night, my right foot had swollen into this gigantic purple snosage. backing up the story a bit, faetal and i got there and it was PACKED, with zero place to sit down. and there was NO way that i was going to stand for over two hours, so i parked it on the floor next to the front door with my harry potter book. after finally finding a parking spot, andrea came in and plopped down next to me with a fancy chicken she was hand sewing out of felt. between her chicken-making and my shoes off floor sitting and grinning idiotly at harry pottering, we got plenty of stares.


so hoooours later, i get called in and plop down on the doctors thingie (um.. the doohicky that you.. TABLE!) and wait another half hour for the doc herself to come in. she pokes at my foot and keeps saying "it's so WEIRD. and you didn't injure it? are you SURE?!? IT'S SO WEEEEIRD..." as if there was broccoli growing between my toes, preparing a broadway musical. and she keeps squeezing things and moving toes around as i'm trying my hardest to keep from howling in agony. she even tells me a story of how her foot hurt once, at this ONE *poke* SPOT *prod* HEEERE *squeeeeeze* at which point i yaulp and say "yeah. that hurts ME, you know."

as no bones felt out of place, and as it didn't look infected, they prescribed me something for the pain and inflammation and sent me on my way.

woke up this morning a WORLD better. this evening, it's almost back to normal! weee!

there was something else i had to say, too, but i can't remember. OOH LOOK, A MYSPACE! in the ways i've been going abouts lately in getting new recommendations for music, any myspace bands i should be knowing about?

aaah, my poor ps2. seems like she's about to die. considering i got her the january after they were released, she's had a long arse run, but STILL. i won't have that kind of money for awhile to come, should i need to replace 'er. jess is playing Crono Trigger and having a time of it. loooong breaks after battles are done and all. and i mean looooong.

i'm thirsty.

a night like tonight just BEGS for an icon full of dancing weenies.

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