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now that my hair is short, i keep stupidly doing different things to it with SCISSORS. i cut my bangs even SHORTER yesterday, which resulted in me looking like a vulcan woman. i came downstairs, andrea and jess both stared at me and said 'um, interesting hair. i haven't decided if i like it or not yet.'

we went about our costume getting business, and i caught sight of me in the mirror and exclaimed that i looked like a vulcan. everyone laughed because it was true, though they seemed to like it more once they realized what it was that had been bugging them about my haircut.

later on, though, it ended up looking more like pat benetar. aaahh, well. at least it's not in my face.

today is my first day back at work after the Mysterious Foot Injury. i'm nervous, in case it IS my work shoes that are doing this to me. it's also a nice 8 hour shift (instead of the dinky 5 hour ones that they have been scheduling us for.) so after the walk to and from work, that will be nine hours on my feet. i cringe a bit at that, but only because i'm not sure how my foot will react.

i'm bringing my drugs with me, just in case, of course. if nothing else, they will help to ensure that i have an interesting day at work.

jess and dan tried talking me into going to a costume party last night, but i declined, as i had to work at 10 am. they called me a weenie, and i went to bed. being woke up at 430 am when they got home, i'm SO very glad i didn't go. and since i have a dumb mandatory store meeting tomorrow at michaels at 8 am, i'm so not going out tonight, either.

and did i mention that i work at SEVEN STUPID AY EM the day after halloween? life is SO going to suck. maybe i'll drink coffee just for a day.

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