Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I've lived here for almost 3 years now. canya believe it? part of me feels like it's been a lifetime since i've lived anywhere else, that the phoenix part of me was someone else's life. the other part of me is still totally blown away that i'm here in vancouver.

one thing that is taking some getting used to, is this whole Daylight Savings Time thingie. spring forward. fall back. all that schnazz. after living in arizona for almost 8 years, and not celebrating it (ha, that makes it sound like there's parades and potlucks everywhere else in honor of dst.), i guess it's going to take a few more years to get used to having to deal with resetting the clocks twice a year.

i had my little mandatory meeting at michaels this morning at 8 am. afterwards, i headed to target and picked up my sexeh nylons for my costume (richard simmons work out video, AHOY!) and meandered around the strip mall afterwards, in no gigantic rush to get home. i walked past a mother and two children, faces pressed tightly against windows as they yanked fervently at the door handles of payless shoe source. the kids say "let's go in, mommy!" the mom's voice starts out almost normal as it reaches a fevered pitch by the end of her sentence. "well, we certainly can't Go In if They Don't OoooPEN ON TIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!" she looks like she is one step away from breaking the door down, although all of the lights are off and there is very obviously no one inside.

i pull out my cell phone and look at the time: 938am. i look at the store hours: sunday 10 am. i was going to point out the whole dst thing to her, but was afraid she would turn her frantic anger upon me for making her look dumb (as if trying to enter a business that is as dark as sin and pounding on the door of a very empty establishment wasn't already making her look a tad silly.) so i inwardly snicker and walk past.

that's when i notice all of the other people.

i look down the sidewalk and see HORDES of customers, yanking on door handles of Bed Bath and Beyond, pounding on windows of Fashion Bug, screaming at the poor guy that worked at the Halloween store that was outside smoking. i thought a riot would form when he very calmly pointed out that daylight savings time was last night: while clocks say it's 1030, it's really only 930, so they will have to come back in a half hour. as approximately 50 or so people were frantic at the doors of the businesses, i looked over my shoulder at the parking lot to see approximately another 20 - 30 people walking towards the dark stores.

hoo, boy, am i glad i don't work today.

and i suppose that since i haven't lived here overly long, after living in a place that doesn't ever change their clocks for almost a decade, that it would be understandable if i showed up at the wrong time the next day. but half the TOWN?!?

so much to do today. i need to help sew jess's costume. i need to help daniel with the cardboard and spraypaint to start making his. there's cleaning and organizing to do. first on the agenda?

go back to bed. i'm farfing tired, yo. slept like a junkie last night.

and now that i have reeeally short hair? you can so tell which side of my face i slept on the night before. the right side of me is nice and flat. the left side of me looks like i had a curling iron accident, and that's after applying gallons of water. *shrug*

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