Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


Bacci hath attached herself to my hip. methinks that since she is no longer looking to spawn (read: in heat), she realized that i wasn't around that much. "heeeeey, i remember that biped!" *purrrrpurrrrpurrrrr* though it seriously looks as if she's sulking, not ecstatic. and there's heavy lidded glaring going on, too, boy howdee.

still starvating. this could be because it's been six hours since i took my lunch, but neveryoumind. methinks that i shall make a pretend stirfry with tofu, peppers, zucchini, onion, and... whatever else i have in there to toss in. ooh, i'll betcha that if i make it just right, i can eat it with GUAC. cravings will be solved. (i say 'pretend' because if you have ever tasted my cooking, you know that most of what i attempt is a full hearted joke.)


working two jobs, at least, is proving to be good exercise, now that omx is actually letting me be on the floor. i can't COUNT how many giant heavy chair-boxes i brought down high rickety ladders last night (okay, i can. three.) or how many desks i wheeled up, cases of paper i moved... all after working 5 hours at michaels and climbing up and down ladders with boxes filled with photo albums (quite heavy.) and cases of CARDstock.

my thighs hate me today, but it's a good hate.

hrm, hrm hrm... now, to waste my evening with stargate or alias? (season 5 and season 1, respectively.) what day is it? sunday, right? hrm.

*looks at the cat*

i wonder what is going through botch's mind when she walks across the keyboard tray and sits with her butt hole resting on my wrist. is that some sort of feline greeting6++++++?

that last was a note from her. SHE LOVESES YOU.

i want beer.

pee ess: in talking to everyone RL, it seems like whenever someone reads Bacci's name, they pronounce it BOK-EE or BACK-EE.

it is, in truth: BOTCH-EE. say it with me: BOOOOOTCH. EEEE. emphasis on the botch.

it's italian for kisses. *holds off so you can get your 'awwwww's out* she actually gives us little bacci's now when we ask for them, which takes away the whole joke when i introduce people to her for the first time: "that's bacci. it's italian for 'kisses'. she likes to kiss us.....with her teeth."

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