Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

The deciding vote:

i've been iffy about cruising, but i just realized something and it made me come to a decision:

my office is moving buildings, and our last day in this building will be next friday, which will also be my last day at work for over a week, should i decide to go.

when we moved into this building two julys ago, i had the first shift ever in the new building that wasn't ready for us, and i was stuck in a room resembling a bomb shelter with cubicles answering calls and doing stuff that wasn't my job for FOUR HOURS before even being allowed to go on break or take a lunch. it was at the end of the shift that i was even allowed to see where my desk was, and i had to take another shift in the bomb shelter instead of unpacking my desk.

things didn't work for days. we had no phones half the time. our computers were missing pieces. the first week was a living hell.

if i go on vacation, everyone will have been in the new building for a week by the time i get back.

i am SOOOOOO going on vacation. money or not, i am SO not gonna work the first shift in the new building.

see you on the flipside, freaks ;) thanks for moving my stuff.

'preciate it.

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