Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

and say hb, bcas th's a fckng h n t.

y all had s mch fn dchng th last st, lt's s f y can handl THS n.

had n h sl, as as at ffcmax ntl 130am, and had t k at mchals at 6 am. sht day at k, h flt cld d NTHNG cctly, bcas f th massvly assv aggssv snalty f my manag.

cam hm and slt, tk a nc na. snc akng , hav atchd an sd f mysty scnc that 3k, dd zzad dssd t kll, and a lt f th andm stff.

my favt thng s fa? as th bgnnng f fnal fantasy advnt chldn. cld s th htt. vncnt valntn s bynd th htt. had sad that ld at f my bth t atch th st f t th hm, bt 'm vy anxs t atch t all.

snt th day ht anda, and had th bst tm n a lng tm. lv that gl. mss h gatly. fgt h mch sh maks m lagh.

shall b ckng a n kybad tm at k, s ths sts shall st.

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