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and the world could understand her better without the cotton in her mouf.

yaaaay! it's good to be back! i hadn't even been able to read my friends list, because the first few times that i tried, there was so much i wanted to say in response to posts, and i COULDN'T. making cutesy idiotic posts in one's own journal is one thing, spamming your friends list with encrypted responses is quite another. so i refrained all together. i shall do my bestest to catch up.

and in case you were wondering exactly what i had said in my last two posts (massive kudos for your group effort in translating! had my brother and i gaffawing, they did, it was fantastic!)

post #1:

subject: encrypted post for your pleasure.

so bacci dumped water on my keyboard last night. a LOT of it.

only half my keyes work correctly.

thusly, i shall not return to lj until after i get paid at work and can get a new keyboard.

bad keyboard, bad.

bad kitty, bad.

second post:

subject: and we say herb, because there's a fucking h in it.

you all had so much fun deciphering the last post, let's see if you can handle THIS one.

had one hour sleep, as i was at officemax until 130am, and had to work at michaels at 6 am. shit day at work, had felt as if i could do NOTHING correctly, because of the massively passive aggressive personality of my manager.

came home and slept, took a nice nap. since waking, i have watch an episode of mystery science theater 3000 (it was the giant gila monster for those of you that were curious.), eddie izzard dressed to kill, and a lot of other random stuff.

my favorite thing so far? was the beginning of final fantasy advent children. cloud is the hott. vincent valentine is beyond the hott. had said that i would wait for my brother to watch teh rest of it with him, but i'm very anxious to watch it all (for the record? we watched it last night. quite fun!)

spent the day with andrea, and had the best time in a long time. love that girl. miss her greatly. forgot how much she makes me laugh.

shall be picking up a new keyboard at work, so these posts shall stop.

a massive shout out to belenen for deciphering almost the entire second post all by herself! i always had a sneaky suspicion that that girl and i were on the same wavelength on most things!

so much to do today. soooo freaking much.

LOVE YOUS! and thank you so much for being patient with me during my keyboard stress.

and if you're looking for a fantabulous new friend that is creative and funny, i highly recommend you add faetal. she's very dear to me. i'm jealous of her creative prowess.

scrumbles and oh_flounder came over last night (along with faetal and antialias) for an impromptu game night. i say "impromptu" because andrea and i had talked about having one... and i promptly forgot. so i get a call from my brother at work, saying that andrea wants to know of we're still on. .... huh?!? so i'm all sorts of worried and paranoid that they feel that i hadn't wanted them over, but that couldn't be further from the truth. i just wish i had planned a bit more. we should SO do it again after i start getting normal sized paychecks and can throw a real shindig with ... chips! and dips! and beeeer.

it would actually be fun if we start doing it on a semi regular basis, methings, have a specified gaming night or something.

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