Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

yay for another day of working 6 am until midnight! woo! at least i remembered my book AND my boxknife today. i AM a boyscout in drag!

got my schedule for black friday weekend. it had been terrifying at first, as i was set to work on saturday from 8 am straaaaight through until 1030 pm, without a break in between. without asking or even hinting, my boss at omx decided to schedule me to come in an hour later so that i wouldn't... i don't know... DIE. yay for eating! being able to eating!

friday itself doesn't seem to horrid, though i won't get much time off for thanksgiving itself. i close wednesday night, which means tons of ad setting, and probably a midnight closing. thursday off, and 7 to 12 on friday at mike's, 4 or 3 to close at omx. i think i can handle that! i was extremely pleased to see that i'm not even scheduled to come in before the gates open at 6 am, which pleases me greatly. i'm also ecstatic i'm not opening at omx like i did last year. hoo wee! that was a panic attack waiting to happen.

anyhoo. i should have left five minutes ago. i get to walk in the dark creepy fog! *cue psycho music*

i had been dreading wearing my itchy hat to work, and it's entirely too cold (34 degrees) to do the half hour walk to work sans hat. doy! i have the bear hat that faetal made me! that should tie me over until i get off me lazy bum and finally finish my moogle hat.

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