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working two jobs gives you odd freedoms that you don't normally have, i.e. the freedom to buy weird random things, like my eighty gagillionth package of letterhead (apparently, i'm planning on writing a TON of letters..someday.) and six of the last 12 six-packs of pumpkin ale (the real stuff, not that blue moon crap.) so i'm set for a day or two at least. i plan on making these LAST. it still pisses me off to no end that only one store in my 'area' carried it this year, and that was a piddly safeway in downtown portland - a big deal if you don't have a car.

thanks, daniel.

going through weird relationshippy moods lately. i can't even put my finger on it. moodiness, methinks. i go from frantically craving it, to abhoring the thought of being attached to someone else. i don't know what's wrong with me, though since i haven't even partially dated in *thinks* four YEARS, i'm beginning to be paranoid that there's something a bit off-kilter with me.

yesterday was an odd day where i swear i hit myself in the head at least ten times. it started with being on a ladder and reaching up to pull down a box, which had a heavy wood frame unseen on top, which promptly fell and belted me in the lip. i started screaming in the best way i could without offending coworkers with sailor like candor: "freaking HELL, someone needs to FREAKING be FREAKING SHOT! GAH." *rinse, repeat as necessary*0000000000000000000000000000

that last thing was from bacci. it's kitty speak for 'yo.'

but anyhoo. i had giant spools of ribbon fall on my head as i was stocking stuff on bottom shelves. i thwacked myself in the face with boxes. i showered my face with chunks of halloween fodder. OOH. yesh. i got to spend the first moments of daylight outside in 30 degree weather, smashing pumpkins and getting PAID for it. granted, they weren't as satisfying had they been REAL pumpkins, but a hammer was certainly involved. manager denise and i bonded together to destroy anything in the store leftover from halloween or fall. this involved lots of hammering, cutting, smashing, tearing, etc. quite satisfying for getting out frustrations. ESPECIALLY when i got to hurl the Lemax stuff (those of you that don't collect them or haven't worked in a michaels, they're the glass/ceramic villages you see everywhere) as hard as i could at the edge of the glass garbage bin outside. YEEEEEEESSSSH. but still, underneath, i hated to see all of that stuff go to waste, when it was perfectly good stuff, although some of it looked like stuff that some ladies like to attach to those hideous holiday sweaters you see out and about.

so i worked 5 am to 10 am, then noon to 7 pm at officemax. came home and stayed awake until midnight, unbelievably, and then slept until one pm. it was such a hard sleep, that i woke in all sorts of discombobulatedness and stiffness. weird dreams involving Logan Cale and Michael Vaughn, though I can't put my finger on exactly what they were. there was a tree there, methinks.

two days til rent!
two weeks and a day until nickel creek!
two weeks and two days until zoo!
oh, yes.

hee hee. it amuses me that when i make a marvelous 3 playlist with pandora.com, they keep feeding me def leppard tunes.

i'm now going to use my guitar icon that i made of my hand, as i rather like it and haven't had a chance to post it. i love the capo, my long fingers, and the blurry bacci.

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