Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i'm thankful for being alive.

i'm thankful for my family, as annoying as our relationship may be at times.

i'm thankful that i'm as close to my family as i am.

i'm thankful for brosely, that although he's my brother, he can be my best friend as well. i'm so freaking blessed for having a sibling i have been able to bond so well with.

i'm thankful for faetal, to have shown me how fast someone can become a best friend, to show me that good roommates ARE possible, and that there's art in cooking, art in everything.

i'm thankful for stanieldaniel, for his quiet strength, for his patience, and for his absolute sweetness. i'm so happy we're friends.

i'm thankful for alariya, for leaving fantastic messages on my voicemail when i need it most, for being my personal cheerleader.

i'm thankful for belenen, for helping me to see deeper inside myself, for helping me to realize so much about so many things.

i'm thankful for talkingpotato, for showing me the funnier side to EVERYthing.

i'm thankful for soulresilience, for sticking with me throughout the years, no matter what i've done.

i'm thankful for jenniffer, for being wonderful and supportive, and for being such a beautiful soul.

i'm thankful for scrumbles, for believing in me and my musical ability and integrity, and for his sarcastic wit.

i'm thankful for oh_flounder, for showing me what is adorable in every sense, for helping to renew my love of yarn.

i'm thankful for ornotmajestic, for his pure friendship, for his support throughout everything i've been through, for his sense of humor. RAWRICE!

i'm thankful for ragdoll, for her quiet inspiration, for her astounding strength and resolve in everything she does.

i wanted to name so many others, because you all mean so much to me. don't be hurt if you aren't one of the people named above, you are all here for a reason, you all inspire, amuse, support, confuse, etc. me when i need it most, and you all mean... so MUCH. i had started typing so many more, but it was all turning out to be the same things, just reworded. so to the rest of you? thank you for BEING. i'm so much more for knowing all of you.

and now?

wow. i just can't begin to... wow. i can't imagine what effect this movie would have had on me, if i had actually seen it for the first time - LIVE. seriously. i almost never cry at movies, almost never. and when i do, it's usually just a tear or two that trickles down the cheek. i promise you, i SOBBED throughout almost half of this freaking movie. it moved me that much, and on so many levels. jess has been a Rent fanatic for years now, and has constantly tried to make me a believer, playing the soundtrack for me. before seeing it, i hadn't 'gotten' the soundtrack, and thought it sounded mainly just like a cheesy musical. but after seeing it in motion? yeah. had to come home and slap that stuff right on my mp3 player, yup.

i'm very thankful for seeing the movie before seeing the play, as i hear people who saw the play first talking, critisizing the movie for this and that. left out songs, changes in the portrayal of angel's death, etc. i'm happy that i got to get as much magic out of the movie as i was able to today, without comparisons or whatnot.

and it was silly seeing the guy from Law and Order singing and dancing around poles and making out with cross-dressers. ha.

edit: and in talking to _jeannie_, i realized that i hadn't posted the OTHER things i'm so thankful for...

i'm also thankful for my health, my perserverance, my inner strength. i'm thankful for having all of my limbs, for still having everyone that i love alive and mostly around me. i'm so thankful for making the decision to leave my solitary life in phoenix behind. i'm thankful for having open-mindedness in everything i take on, as it helps to enrich everything so much.

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