Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ha ha, sorry if i sounded out of breath in my last post - i was practically jogging back across the vast parking lot, food in hand.

happy today is over. i don't know why i had the overwhelming feeling of hatred towards being at work today. wow. i mean hell, only 2 bad customers today, and they were pretty much next to each other, early on in the day. most everyone else was civil, if not thankful for help. i'm so dreading having to do it tomorrow, but in more of a marathon - only one hour between shifts instead of four.

favorite parts of the day:

- having coworkers laugh at EVERY dumb pun i made, making me feel so chandler-iffic.
- kyle racing into the break room during lunch, turning up the musak, twirling in fantastic circles to techno for five seconds, turning it back off, and racing out. (i had to stop him and tell him that that was THEE GAYEST thing i had seen all day.)
- feeling greatly appreciated at work by management for the first time in i don't know how long (both works.)

there were a few quotes that had me cracking up even hours later. too bad for YOU, i can't remember any of them. so i shall leave you with other random discussions from work.

*over the radios at worK*
jennifer: aubrey, i dedicate this song to you!
*i listen hard to hear what it is, and finally realize that it's "take my breath away" from top gun*
aubrey: is that because i need to bathe?

*"closing time" comes over musak*
jessalyn over radios: so who do YOU want to take you home, aubrey?
aubrey: well, i'm really not that picky anymore, really.
aubrey: take me HOME! from WORK!

my brain is fried. goodnight.

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