Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

yay for such great friends! i got my gift in the mail from eternitywaiting - it was such a pleasant surprise! i'm still grinning, and i opened it a half hour ago :D. i was beyond touched, i was (it was a raven (a la teen titans) tshirt - fantastic!) i'm not like belenen in the whole anticipation thing... i stared at the package for about .5 seconds (after reading the beloved card, of course!) before ripping it to shreds to get to the creamy goodness inside! EXCITED.

i also received my first Christmas cards, too, from wendywoowho and dbaxdevilsfan!!! yaay! i need to continue to work on mine, i do. and postage. i need postage.

i got a form in the mail from clark college for my financial aid, saying to please fill out form and return to the admissions office no later than october 7, 2005, in order to attend winter semester (ha ha, almost typed solstice.) hrm. maybe problematic? i filled it out, anyway, now just to get it down there. i assume that mailing it is an option? although with as much stuff going through the mail right now, it would make me nervous to just toss something that is so important to the usps. maybe i'll bus it, then.

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