Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ha ha, i get to walk to work in 20 degree weather! maybe my heart will stop? well, i'm certainly running late. if i wasn't quitting michaels so soon, i may be concerned that they would write me up.

ooh, and i'm HONGRAY. maybe i should make toast, although i should have left here *looks at clock* fifteen minutes ago in order to be on time. that's what i get for trying to work lots, with little sleep.

oooh, and my sinuses are telling me that claritin would be a plus.

today is the last of the consecutive shifts of 7 am until midnight. at least, until next week. i'm losin mah MIND. sitting in barnes and noble yesterday between shifts, downing coffee at the speed of light, and STILL nodding off the entire time i was there. so i would have to read a few pages of my book, get up and run around (well, casually stroll and look at books), then sit back down, read a few pages, get up and run around... etc.

it also seems like more and more of my coworkers are throwing fits about having to close - EVER. so that leaves me and....?


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