Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

aaah, hooray snow! or, as andrea said 'marguerita salt', as that's what ti's looked like for the first however long. the wind is amazing. it's like we're having a bonafide blizzard outside, but with less snow. part of me is sad i don't have an excuse to go outside in it, but the other more logical part of me is ecstatic i have nothing to do but sit here with morning hair and clad in pajammas.

daniel and i opened the door to watch Outside, and bacci made one of her rare 'runs for it', bolting out the door to freedom.... and then immediately turning around and racing back in, mewing in confusion.

bought my Christmas present last night. my father had sent me a $100 check and made me promise that i would only buy something with it that i wouldn't or couldn't spend my own money on, so i bought a dvd 16x double layer Sony dvd burner + dvd's. schweet. i'm still too lazy to put the thing IN, but yanno. also got ink for my printer so i can print out forms i need to finalize financial aid at college, and a nifty planner.

now, i'm torn between doing something constructive, and playing free everquest that eq gave everyone. gaw, things have changed. beasties get sow at 24 now? rawk.

ooh, apparantly i'm hungry.

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